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The Best Way to clean gutters

roof and gutters covered with debris 1

The Best Way to clean gutters….


  • remove the debris in an efficient manner

spraying debris everywhere

  • Messy and wasteful spraying devices are not efficient for cleaning gutters
  • The additional mess means cleanup will take a lot longer
  • Use of these tools will most likely get you dirty and wet
  • You may end up having to wash your siding and windows  as well

Man in dangerous position

What is the best way to clean your gutters?

Everyone’s home is individually unique and requires the homeowner to assess the job first.



Ask yourself, Do i need a professional to clean my gutters? 

Commercial gutter cleaning companies will charge $150-$400 to service your gutters.  If you have your gutters cleaned 2-3 times per year, the cost adds up quick.  The benefits of having this done professionally are negated by the investment required for this necessary home maintenance chore. 

 So what do you do? 

Go to Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or any other hardware stores, and you will find a handful of products to clean your gutters.  If you purchase these scooping and grasping tools you will end up with an all day chore that will leave you frustrated and sore. These types of gutter cleaning tools leave debris behind and are awkward to use.

How about tools that blow the debris away?  Gutter cleaning tools that are available on hardware store shelves are often foreign made, poorly designed, and require more pieces to reach 2nd story gutters than using the Gutter Clutter Buster KIT.  Many customers have given us their opinions of these products and it was not complimentary.

Gutter cleaning tools that blow the debris almost always require you to use a ladder, which can be a serious risk to your health.

The best way to clean your gutters is to use a Gutter Clutter Buster® 

This American made gutter cleaning tool is built strong, lightweight, and is compatible with ANY BRAND wet/dry vacuum (MUST HAVE  a 2.5 inch hose). 

Cleaning your gutters becomes a simple task.  Simply attach the hose from your wet/dry vacuum and raise the tool up into your gutters.   You will hear the debris coming down the tool as you walk the perimeter of your home. Then simply empty your wet/dry vacuum’s canister into the trash or your compost pile. 

Simple, easy, SAFE and reduces the time you spend on the job vs other gutter cleaning tools.

GCB TOOL box design

“This is the thing I have been looking for to clean our gutters. We have gutter guards; just need to blow the leaves off and keep them clear.

Problem is, our house is high and on a sideways incline – ladder very unfriendly. This worked like a charm- TINA H. PORTAGE INDIANA”

  For two story homes click here

Professional gutter cleaning services use the method of vacuuming debris for efficiency and thoroughness

They know this method is the most efficient and it limits dangerous ladder use and is most efficient for cleaning rain gutters.  Other gutter cleaning tools that vacuum debris like the SkyVac and Gutter Pro Vac cost between $800 and $3300.  This investment is too much for most homeowners and not necessary.  The cost of a Gutter Clutter Buster® KIT and a new wet/dry vacuum is @$300 total.  A bargain when you consider the safety and convienience factors vs other gutter cleaning tools.

  get the right tool for the job here

Consider every trip up and down a ladder a risk to your safety. Tools that require you to do this are NOT SAFE or user friendly and should be avoided.

Testimonials from Gutter Clutter Buster customers

2nd story gutters cleaned the SAFE way

I’ve had my Gutter Clutter Buster for three seasons now. Best money I ever spent. In the past three years I’ve had two friends fall cleaning their gutters. One broke both legs and a wrist. The other was on the roof with his leaf blower, lost his balance, fell to the ground and broke his neck. He lived for two days.

Stay off the ladders ladies and gentlemen. It’s not worth the risk. Buy this product from these good people and get yourself a good wet/dry vac to hook it up to. You’ll be glad you did.

No more dented gutters, ladders. So glad I took the time to search the Internet and found this company.

Buy Made in America.


– Larry G. Madison, MI

Offset 2nd story gutters cleaned

I received my product yesterday and removed a sloppy mess that had clogged one of my gutters  – 2 stories high in a matter of minutes.  Your product is awesome!

I will probably use it 3 or 4 times a year for general cleaning maintenance from now on.  It will save me money by not having to pay someone to do the high work  – and, I never plan on going on a high ladder or roof again.

 Made in America and priced so an average American can afford it.  You folks are wonderful!!! 


– Greg H. Cary, IL

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GUTTER CLUTTER BUSTER®removes long pine needles from your gutters!

pine needles on top of gutter screen 1

GUTTER CLUTTER BUSTER®  – designed specifically for the task of cleaning gutters

Large, long pine needles and other debris can quickly build up and prevent water from flowing through your gutters and away from your homes foundation.

The specially designed, patent protected GUTTER CLUTTER BUSTER® is the answer.  The Gutter Clutter Busters LARGE CANDY CANE HOOK DESIGN allows long pine needles, small seedlings, twigs and other debris to flow through the tool with minimal clogging issues.  The notched end of the GCB Tool helps limit clogging and maximizes air flow when you are dealing with packed in debris.

Special notches aid in air flow and reduce clogging problems

GCB TOOL box design

MadeInUSA Large Logo from original site

Quality gutter cleaning tools…100% Made in the U.S.A.

The phrase you get what you pay for it so true. All Gutter Clutter Buster products begin with a special blend of virgin PVC materials and ALUMINUM that have been certified to be of United States origin.  Customers tell us of competitors products they have used that were poorly designed and made from cheap plastic.  Not what you get with Gutter Clutter Buster. You can be assured you will be delivered a finely crafted tool that is specifically designed to be efficient and SAFE so you can clean your gutters without using a dangerous ladder.

Gutter Clutter Buster products are manufactured in Winter Haven, Florida