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I’ve had my Gutter Clutter Buster for three seasons now. Best money I ever spent. In the past three years I’ve had two friends fall cleaning their gutters. One broke both legs and a wrist. The other was on the roof with his leaf blower, lost his balance, fell to the ground and broke his neck. He lived for two days.

Stay off the ladders ladies and gentlemen. It’s not worth the risk. Buy this product from these good people and get yourself a good wet/dry vac to hook it up to. You’ll be glad you did.

No more dented gutters, ladders. So glad I took the time to search the Internet and found this company.

Buy Made in America.


Larry G.
Madison, MI

I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful tool. Last spring I hoisted myself up a 25 foot ladder shaking the entire time I tried to clean my gutters. Luckily, I made it out alive…but no more. I couldn’t wait until I received the package so I could try this out on just a small section of my gutters. We put it together a WHAM!!!!! All of the leaves, dirt and twigs (some small branches) were instantly sucked into the vac. Several months ago we had a terrible storm that knocked down many trees in the area and blew many branches off of the oak tress that surround our property. The GCB took care of them all. In less than 1 to 1 1/2 hour all of our gutters were clean AND yes I had to brave the ladder one more time just to make sure. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for this wonderful product. I will definitely tell everyone that needs gutters cleaned!

Tonia C. | Montvale, VA

I received my product yesterday and removed a sloppy mess that had clogged one of my gutters  – 2 stories high in a matter of minutes.  Your product is awesome. I will use it probably 3 to 4 times a year for general cleaning maintenance from now on.  It will save me money by not having to pay someone to do the high work  – and, I never plan on going on a high ladder or roof again.

Made in America and priced so an average American can afford it.  You folks are wonderful!!! 


Greg H.
Cary, IL

“I really want to commend you for a well-made tool. I was about to go to the hardware store to make something like this to clean my gutters when I came across your website. Product was realistically priced and I ordered it. I won’t go into detail on how helpful you were on the phone but I got to tell you I may do one testimonial per 5 years and you guys are deserving.

Today I used the product and I can’t believe what a great product it is. I also want to commend you on making this product in the USA. Thanks again and keep them coming.”

Everett S. | Bradenton, FL

“WOW!!!! It works like magic. I, also like your wife, am 71 yrs. Old and don’t feel like climbing around on a ladder anymore, and this Gutter Clutter Buster® sure did the trick. I was very impressed!!”

Carol K. | Davenport, FL

Your product is worth of all the testimonials on your website.  My Kit and 3 Extensions arrived in 3 days as per UPS Schedule.  Items were securely packaged. The next day I purchased a Home Depot WD1851 wet/dry vac.  I intended to purchase the WD1450, as per your power recommendation but opted for the next size model because of the larger rear wheels and handle to make it easier to move vac around in yard (wish it had large front wheels also, as vac get heavy when gutters have standing water.) Attached Gutter Clutter Buster® Kit and 2 extension (don’t think I will need the 3rd after all) into vac and had gutters clean in a couple of hours. Gutter Clutter Buster® NEVER plugged. Crepe Myrtle flower debris, leaves standing water, roof debris – the Gutter Clutter Buster® /vac combo got it all in both the 12′ and 18′ high gutters!  I didn’t climb up to check the gutters, but the next day a very heavy rain storm passed over my home and, of course, I couldn’t wait to verify if my latest home project was a success.  Well, the GCB project received a score of 10 on scale of 1-10. The gutters are now free flowing and no longer overflowing their sides. Mission accomplished!”

Ralph M. | Layafette, LA

“I have received the shipment in very good conditions. I have used the tools twice since I got it. Although it is a bit more complicated than doing nothing this tool is the best return for my money compared to many other things I bought in my life. I had very good and small plastic screen on my gutters before. But over time they plugged too. Also the small seeds at spring used to go through the small holes and plug the downspout. I used to get them cleaned twice a year spending from $200 to $300 each time. But at spring time they were still plug and overflowing making a mess around my bushes. Now it is a bit more trouble because I have to clean it myself but the job is done perfectly. I have a 2 story house with more than 230 feet of gutters. Some gutter sections are hard to reach but I can do it better with my 2nd experience. It takes me about 2 hours with the set up and the cleaning of the pipes and shop vac. My next worry is to have time to do it another time before the remaining leaves to fall will end up frozen in the gutter. But what an improvement! From my second story I can look in some part of the 1rst story garage gutter. They are clean like a whistle.”

Best of regards, Richard M. | QUEBEC, CANADA

“I have been using the Gutter Clutter Buster® commercially in my community this spring. It works as promised. It has surprised my customers by how quickly and neatly it does the work required of it. My community has needed a gutter cleaner and I am it!”

Thanks for a great product.

Matt S. | Fairview, AB Canada

“I just finished my gutters and the product worked great. I am paying someone once a year to clean and the cost was much more than your product. The comfort of not having to climb up a 20 foot ladder is great. I am a physical therapist and I have actually seen several patients over the years who have had injuries related to falling while cleaning their gutters. I highly recommend for both the efficiency and the safety of the product. Thanks!!!!”

Jeff H. | Belmont, NC

Just wanted to let you know that I was skeptical about the tool that my husband ordered. I even climbed up the ladder to see for myself. It does a great job!! Thanks for coming up with a truly great product.”

Janet C. | Zanesville, OH

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“Yes, we received the Gutter Clutter Buster Tools and were able to test it out last weekend. The GCB made an all day, dangerous (my mom is 83) job up and down a ladder (yes my mom was still going up the ladder); into a 30 minute job on the ground – start to finish. WOW! My mom has been climbing up there for the last 40 years so for us the GCB definitely qualifies as a bona fide “why didn’t I think of that!” product that comes along from time to time. Just imagine what would have happened if you had named it iGCB! You can add us to your long list of Satisfied Customers because that is what we are.”

Ralph M. | Oakville, Ontario, Canada

I did indeed receive my order and it was exactly as described, boxed well and left on my front porch. I went out several days later and picked up a 6.5 hp shop vac to use with it. I had let my gutters go way to long because I have a problem with vertigo and can’t get up on a ladder anymore. I even had small trees growing out of them. Just as your website says your product doesn’t take the work out of cleaning your gutters but keeps you safe on the ground. It worked great! I had to go at it in stages and work my way down to a bare spot in the gutter then could go at it by angling the head. Took me about three sessions to clean them all completely but now that they are clean and I have a safe way of cleaning them they will stay clean. Thanks for a great product.

Barry E. | Temple, GA

Dear Gutter Clutter Buster, I can’t tell you the pleasure it brings to finally have my gutters cleared. It’s too hard for me to get up on the roof because I get scissor legs every time I climb to high places. At first I could not believe how quickly I connected the pipes together. In five minutes I was cleaning out years of decomposed matter and when it came across sticks I would let the vacuum grab it and with a flick of the wrist the bunch or twigs would fall to the ground. I used it once then it rained so I decided to use it again now that the gutters started working. To my amazement it vacuumed up water that must’ve been sitting in the gutters alerting me to the fact that I need to actually get someone to reset the gutters as they have some sag. I will be lending this product to my friend who I know will probably buy himself a set. Thanks again for your fantastic product! Cheers,

Chris C. | Endwell, NY

Join thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy using this innovative gutter cleaning tool

I received the order as stated in your email. It works great and I’m so glad that I found your company on the web. No more ladders for me! “Customer service from GCB was top notch and I received the product in a timely manner. The tips and tricks were very handy in securing and removing the extensions. The product works well above my expectations. I have a lot of trees that dump on my roof most of the year and I had been dreading getting on my roof this spring to clean the gutters out. Honestly, I had waited to the point of trees sprouting in my gutters and the product sucked them out with little to no troubles. With this product I will be able to keep up on the gutter maintenance much more frequently and I know that the process will be a breeze. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.” I have told several friends and family about your product. I hope it turns into more business coming your way. Thanks again,

Jason J. | De Soto, MO

“Thank you so much for your follow-up regarding our recent Gutter Clutter Buster purchase. 🙂 Please consider this a confirmation regarding delivery but most of all, please consider this a “Heart felt THANK YOU” for offering such a delightful and easy to use product to the public!!! We received our package the night before last and I could not wait to “attack” my 22 foot high gutters!!!.. As you know, for this job we ordered the GCB kit as well as one extra extension tube.

Being we are located in IL and already in our winter season, I really needed to clear my gutters due to my procrastination and unwillingness to justify spending yet another $200 for someone to clean them out. We were now at the point where the gutters were clogged so that the rain water was now over flowing over the sides of the gutters!!! My fear was that the winter weather would now turn that rain water into huge water icicles hanging from our roof!!!

So, after a quick “tube assembly” of our GCB kit and attached it to our Craftsman 6.5HP Wet-Dry vac, I quickly got to work…It took a few minutes to learn how to move and maneuver but in no time at all I was vacuuming out my gutters and heard the beautiful sounds of “running water” (obviously the trapped water in our gutters) once again down my drain pipes..yay!!!!

This may have been the best home maintenance equipment purchase we have ever made…!!!

Please accept our warmest and sincerest thanks for your great product, service and quick turnaround time!

Warmest regards and wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday season!!!”

Craig T | Forest Park, IL

I bought my home a year ago, and noticed right away the gutters needed cleaning. About the same time I had an injury at work which tore up my left knee and put me on workman’s comp. (bummer, Trust me I know). Needless to say, estimates on gutter cleaning are at best outrageous, especially for the size of my home and the amount of gutters I have. This spring after tiring of listening to the birds playing in the bird baths I refer to as my gutters, I surfed the web after seeing a multiple piece divide my buddy purchased from one of the shop-vac companies. It was preposterously expensive compared to this. I asked him how it worked and he stated it worked okay, but with all the joints in it, it lost suction. I googled gutter cleaning, and found a DIY item made from PVC, that used your garden hose to blow the debris out. For about $10.00 I made one. I got very wet, and still had clogged gutters. I googled again and found the blower type. To me that was not the answer, as I did not want to have to clean my yard afterwards. Mostly because of my bad knee. Then I found GCB! What a deal, and as I discovered shipping was not bad either. The day I got it, I hooked it up to my 5.0 amp shop-vac (more than strong enough), and in an hour (yea, slow but hey, I got a bad knee) I had all my gutters cleaned on both the house and two car garage. I was amazed that when I put it over the down spouts, it even sucked them clean as well! Yea, I put some black tape around the tip as they have the notches (not that notches are bad) cut in the end, to give a better seal. I love this thing! I used my PVC cleaner to check the gutters (it did have a use), and water flowed fast and freely. The next big rain, I found myself outside checking gutters and down spouts, which were flowing great! I am happy, even though the neighborhood birds now have to seek a bath somewhere else. Thanks for developing a great product. I am considering purchasing the extension, so my parents can use it to clean their gutters too! P.S.: My neighbor with the screens on his gutters asked where I got it too. Evidently the screens only keep so much out of the gutters, and he was having to clean his. I loaned him mine, and gave him the website information.

Lucky K. | Glasford, IL

Used the “candy cane” today and was beyond impressed! Hubby didn’t have to use a ladder and was safe from falling! We bought a 6.5 HP Wet Dry shop vac from Home Depot WD1851. The gutters are clean and now we are ready for winter! Wish we had this 25 years ago! This is a winner, priced right, fast shipping, great instructions. Don’t be afraid to buy it. I would even give this as a gift! Thank you for this invention! Something that works and IS NOT JUNK. AMERICAN MADE TOO! YAY!

Louise & John W. | New Milford, CT

After having gone all fall and winter without being cleaned, our gutters were full to over-flowing with debris. Additionally, our gutters are located anywhere from eight feet to thirty feet from the ground.

Your product performed exceptionally well!! I was thoroughly impressed and am recommending your product to all I know.

Well Done!!!

Regards and Semper Fidelis,

Bill Clark LtCol(ret) USMC | Rutherfordton, NC

“Your Gutter Clutter Buster® is the finest example of the “kiss” (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. It is simple and easy to use and gives fantastic results.  I “busted” the clutter in 120 feet of gutters in about two hours (actual use of the tool took about an hour, the other hour was spent moving the vacuum around the house, relocating the power cord and adding and removing extensions for the different gutters). I removed about 15 gallons of trash from the four gutters. This is a fantastic system, keeps an old guy like me safely on the ground and easily pays for itself in one use.”

“Nuff said, I will recommend your system to everyone!

Mariner C. | Stafford, VA

“Can I just say WOW! A product that does as it was promised (probably even more so). I live outside of Seattle on six wooded acres full of evergreens, maples, and alders. I have a two story house with a steep pitched roof, so gutter cleaning here is not for the feint of heart. Thus, the reason my gutters haven’t been cleaned in over a year. Climbing up a ladder to blindly reach into the gutter while maintaining my balance is a white knuckle experience. Hiring someone else to do that is a $200 experience. Thus, your product paid for itself in the first hour of use. And I can assure you that I challenged it to the fullest. My gutters were filled to the brim with pine needles, most of them now a thick wet sludge. Some were even hosting plants two feet in the air, so I felt a bit like ma and pa Kettle. The Gutter Clutter Buster® did exactly as was advertised and without a great deal of effort cleaned all this slurry and goopy waste from my gutters without me even having to get dirty. And nothing on the ground since it all ended up in my vac and was easily disposed of. All I can say is that your product is worth many times what you charge…but since I got in on the current price, I won’t be sending you any additional $. 🙂 But please feel free to use me as a reference. I appreciate a product doing as promoted. You are a perfect example of necessity being the mother of invention. I’m actually looking forward to finishing the rest of the gutters so I don’t have to watch the water cascading over the tops come our wet northwest winter.”

Dan McFadden Director of Investor and Public Relations
Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. | Redmond, WA

“It worked great! My gutters were packed with wet leaves and pine needles. The gutter is twenty plus feet high so at first I sort of had to work to get leaves unpacked but I expected that this as it was not your normal everyday gutter cleaning. Now that they are clean I suspect that maintaining them will be a breeze with your product.”

Brett R. | Tulsa, OK

“. . . I was a little doubtful that your product would handle the silver maple leaves that are rather large and sometimes wet, days after a snow (Colorado) I can now say that your product did an excellent job, and handled the leaves with no problem (the leaves were actually wet and ice coated). Just put a new roof on, and doing the job from the ground saved the roof from having any foot traffic, which I didn’t want, or the possibility of falling with a backpack gas blower. Used your product with a Rigid WD14500 shop vac.”

“Your product is a winner. Couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Best regards,

Brad D. | Wheat Ridge, CO

“Thank you so much for a great product! I couldn’t believe how easy and fast it was to clean all my gutters! No ladder, no mess, no problems! I have been away from my home and unable to clean my gutters for over a year and this product cleaned them better than if I were able to reach them with my own hands! Awesome product and well worth the money! Thanks So Much!”

Ben L. | Rochester, NY

“American design and ingenuity lives on with this product. Finally a near perfect solution to clean the gutters without getting on a ladder. I have nearby locust tree leaves and walnut tree stems in my gutter. The Gutter Clutter and 3 extensions cleaned my second story all Ok and kept me on the ground. GB, Kansas City. Then, separately, I assembled my three extension and utilized this weekend here in the cold, having problems disconnecting the three extensions. Any suggestions to easily disconnect. Thanks.”

Gary B. | Kansas City, MO

“I used my Gutter Clutter Buster® yesterday and I am delighted! Finally something that works that I can handle easily. Being afraid of heights, cleaning gutters has been one of my biggest challenges. I have purchased several items in the past so I could stay off the ladder. First was a contraption that looked like paddles for placing into the gutter from below and pulling a rope to grab gutter debris. I found I could not hold the paddles in place and pull the rope at the same time. When I did get the paddles closed, I could not lift it out of the gutter while keeping pressure on the rope so it would not open. I then purchased a type of sprayer which worked a bit better, but what came out of the gutter ended up all over. I found the force of the spray was hard to control and what a mess to clean up afterwards. Lucky for me I found your website. I can handle and control the tool because it is so light weight and sturdy. I absolutely love the fact that I can simply dump the vacuum debris and see what I have removed from the gutters. It gives me peace of mind that the gutter cleaning was successful. Thank you very much!”

Christine R. | Iola, WI

“The Gutter Clutter Buster® worked great! No comparison to other products I have tried like ‘Gutter Sense’. The Gutter Sense tool broke 15 minutes after I started using it. I had just about given up and was going to pay $150 for someone to clean them. The Gutter Clutter Buster® met all my expectations and easily cleaned my gutters. In fact, I let my 16 year old daughter do most of the cleaning . . . the Gutter Clutter Buster® is certainly the only decent product available for cleaning gutters from the ground.”

John R. | Madison, AL

“I did receive my ‘gutterclutterbuster’ (GCB) and have used it to remove wet leaves from my gutter. Wet leaves are a tough test. I am very pleased with how your product, the GCB, removed the leaves. I would give this product the highest rating (from 1 to 5 being the best) of ‘5’. I will recommend it to friends. Thank you for a great product and excellent service.”

Best regards,

Bran H. | Arlington, TX

“I received the Gutter Clutter Buster® and used it a couple days ago. It’s a great tool!! I only used the ladder once, just to check to make sure the gutter was clean, which it was 🙂 Not having to go up and down the ladder has reduced the gutter cleaning time by at least half. My best friend (who was skeptical about the product) has already asked to borrow it after I showed him all the dirt, rocks, and leaves my shop vacuum had accumulated. The little notches on the feed end of the tool really helps in preventing the tool from getting stuck by the suction and I had no troubles attaching the device (GCB) to my shop vac.”

“The shipping was prompt and the packaging was excellent. I also feel good knowing that it was manufactured in USA…even though it could probably be manufactured for less over seas. Keep up the great work!”

Jin P. | Elk Grove, CA

“..During the first 30 seconds of using the tool, I was truly amazed!  What usually would take at least 2 hours of hard work, I completed that once dreadful job in just 30 minutes!  No ladder, no mess. . . It is light weight, easy to handle and very efficient!!  Thank  you again for a product that is truly worth its weight in gold. Rating: 1-5   It’s  5 *****”

Lea T. | Oldsmar, FL

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