Gutter cleaning reviews of the Gutter Clutter Buster ®


Homeowners across North America are review the safe, efficient and simple way to clean their gutters using the Gutter Clutter Buster ® – NO DANGEROUS LADDER NEEDED – BUY YOURS TODAY!

The Gutter Clutter Buster is an innovative, safety conscious solution for the task of cleaning gutters and its 100% Certified Made in the U.S.A.

“My Clutter Buster arrived today, and I immediately used it. I am so happy that I ordered it, because it works great!

The only thing I ask myself is, why isn’t this in all the big box home stores? Thanks for the great product, and great service.

I will spread the word!”

Laura K.   Gellesburg MI

The Gutter Clutter Buster is not yet available through Lowes or Home Depot or other hardware stores, you can get yours here or on Amazon! 

Don’t waste your money on an inferior gutter cleaning tool!

28 Foot High Gutters Cleaned with GCB

28 foot high gutters cleaned SAFELY

“The gutter buster is super. My husband & I both tried it today so much better, safer, easier than getting on a ladder & moving the ladder, etc. cannot thank you enough. Appreciate the sale price since shipping is soo high!!! Plus we had to buy a new shop vac since our old one only had a 1 1/2 in diameter hose & a horsepower of 3, the new one combined w/gutter clutter buster is fabulous!

– Barb Z.   Lexington KY


Comments from a customer with 

Off-set 2nd story gutters

“I received the Gutter Clutter Buster® and used it a couple days ago. It’s a great tool!! I only used the ladder once, just to check to make sure the gutter was clean, which it was 🙂 Not having to go up and down the ladder has reduced the gutter cleaning time by at least half. My best friend (who was skeptical about the product) has already asked to borrow it after I showed him all the dirt, rocks, and leaves my shop vacuum had accumulated. The little notches on the feed end of the tool really helps in preventing the tool from getting stuck by the suction and I had no troubles attaching the device (GCB) to my shop vac.”

“The shipping was prompt and the packaging was excellent. I also feel good knowing that it was manufactured in USA…even though it could probably be manufactured for less over seas. Keep up the great work!”

– Jim P.   Elk Grove CA

good overhead pic lady using GCB

The Gutter Clutter Buster® TOOL reviewed by Florida grandmother..

“WOW!!!! It works like magic. I, also like your wife, am 71 yrs. Old and don’t feel like climbing around on a ladder anymore, and this Gutter Clutter Buster® sure did the trick. I was very impressed!!”

– Carol K   Davenport FL

Bust that Clutter!

D.I.Y. homeowner buys the Gutter Clutter Buster instead of making a home made gutter tool.

“I really want to commend you for a well-made tool. I was about to go to the hardware store to make something like this to clean my gutters when I came across your website. Product was realistically priced and I ordered it.

Today I used the product and I can’t believe what a great product it is. I also want to commend you on making this product in the USA. Thanks again and keep them coming.”

– Everett S.   Bradenton FL

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I just finished my gutters and the product worked great. I am paying someone once a year to clean and the cost was much more than your product. The comfort of not having to climb up a 20 foot ladder is great. I am a physical therapist and I have actually seen several patients over the years who have had injuries related to falling while cleaning their gutters. I highly recommend for both the efficiency and the safety of the product. Thanks!!!!

Jeff H    Belmont NC

Ladies and Gentlemen: I received my Gutterclutterbuster in less than a week after I ordered it and used it the following weekend. I am very pleased with the device and it works exactly ‘as advertised’. It makes cleaning the gutters simple and eliminates the mess of digging out the gutters by hand and the best part, no more ladder!”

“I just bought my first house in late May. I have 7 maple trees on the property, needless to say, it is going to get a workout. Now I just need a larger shop-vac, and thanks again, for a quality product.”

Chris C    Endwell NY

GCB KIT cleans 2nd story gutters

Sylvia J   Williamsburg VA

I received the GCB Kit in good condition this Spring evening. Thanks to your site’s tips I was ready with the correct size and power level wet-dry vacuum. I vacuumed my gutters (2 story colonial) and cleaned up all within two hours of arrival of the kit. It was very nice not to be on a ladder any more. Nice product. Thanks much.


2nd story gutters cleaned the SAFE way
2nd story gutters cleaned the SAFE way

Larry G   Madison MS

LADDER FOR SALE!!!! Used the Gutter Buster yesterday. It worked great! Sure was nice not having to move a ladder 15 times and not having to worry about falling. Made In USA too. What more could I ask for? One neighbor saw me using it and wants to borrow it.


2nd story gutters cleaned SAFELY
2nd story gutters cleaned SAFELY

John W  New Milford CT

Used the “candy cane” today and was beyond impressed! Hubby didn’t have to use a ladder and was safe from falling! We bought a 6.5 HP Wet Dry shop vac from Home Depot WD1851. The gutters are clean and now we are ready for winter! Wish we had this 25 years ago! This is a winner, priced right, fast shipping, great instructions. Don’t be afraid to buy it. I would even give this as a gift! Thank you for this invention! Something that works and IS NOT JUNK. AMERICAN MADE TOO! YAY!