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Help TeamSeas Remove Trash From The Oceans

Help TEAMSEAS remove trash from the oceans

At Gutter Clutter Buster, we know a good idea when we see one.  We want to help TEAMSEAS remove trash from the oceans and would like your help!

From now until 12312021 we will donate a portion of each sale to assist TEAMSEAS in their quest to remove trash from the oceans.  Assist them at the link below

Share their cause here :

Gutter Clutter Buster supports the effort by TEAMSEAS to remove trash from the oceans

“As owner of a company that uses PVC and plastics type materials, i feel an obligation to help remove debris from the oceans. Too much of what we discard ends up ruining the environment.  We all can do better to safeguard the planet.  Help us help them do a good thing….share this fundraising event with your friends and family and DONATE! – thanks for the support, Jennifer B. – Gutter Clutter Buster”

team seas trash machine

TeamSeas is cleaning up all kinds of trash from waterways

When i heard about what TEAMSEAS was trying to accomplish, i felt compelled to help.

TeamSeas is not just picking up trash on the shorelines, they are retrieving fishing gear and other large and dangerous debris from waterways, rivers and oceans and making an effort to recycle or put into use what is recovered. 

Their efforts to provide a better environment for wildlife and the rest of humanity should be supported by us all.  They are making an effort to recycle captured fishing gear and return it to working boats.

I am impressed!  Make a donation today and support this great effort to remove 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the oceans. Thank you TeamSeas!

Gutter Clutter Buster supports the efforts of TEAMSEAS

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