Best Gutter Cleaning Tool

You have found the right solution to clean your gutters in an easy, simple and much safer way – No ladder required!

The Gutter Clutter Buster® is the right tool for cleaning gutters SAFELY.

This well designed, patent protected gutter cleaning tool is built to be lightweight and very strong

Don’t risk your safety climbing onto your roof!

Second story gutter cleaning can be done safely from ground level using the Gutter Clutter Buster® KIT paired with a strong wet/dry vacuum!

(2.5 inch hose REQUIRED)

Gutter Clutter Buster® products are 100 % CERTIFIED MADE IN THE U.S.A.

The innovative candy cane style design of the Gutter Clutter Buster® sets it apart from other gutter cleaning tools.

The large hook captures all of that nasty, wet debris including some small twigs  and other long debris like pine needles and puts it in your wet/dry vacuum.

Clogs are minimized due to the design of the Gutter Clutter Buster® .

Store bought gutter cleaning tools often create additional mess for the user to clean up. 

Gutter Clutter Buster® gutter cleaning tools are the quality products that outdoor maintenance companies choose vs systems that use aluminum poles to vacuum gutters clean

The Gutter Clutter Buster® has notches built into the mouth which maximize airflow and debris collection. At 60 inches tall, this is the right amount of reach to clean gutters on single story homes.

 If your home or office building has offset gutters, a sloping yard or an exposed basement, simply add one or two Gutter Clutter Buster® Extensions to get the extra reach you need.

The Gutter Clutter Buster® KIT includes two extensions and works for two story homes on FLAT, LEVEL lots. You get almost 14 feet of reach with only three pieces!

Gutter Clutter Buster® is lightweight and easy to use.

Connect the Gutter Clutter Buster® to your wet/dry vacuum’s 2.5 inch hose.

Note : Gutter Clutter Buster® works best with vacuums rated at 6.5 peak h.p.

Turn your vacuum on and raise the GCB up into the gutter.

Raise and lower (small movements) as you move along the gutters.

You will hear the debris as it comes down the tubes and you simply move further down the line when the suction sound changes. 

A SAFE secondary inspection can be completed using a drone if you need the visual confirmation. 

The gutter debris is gathered in your wet/dry vacuum for easy disposal or composting. 

You will notice that your gutter cleaning job can be done much quicker using Gutter Clutter Buster® gutter cleaning tools . 

Gutter Clutter Buster® gutter cleaning tool pairs with your wet/dry vacuum’s 2.5 inch hose and works on homes or small office buildings up to 28 feet high using  our extensions


Some customer comments….

“I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful tool. Last spring I hoisted myself up a 25 foot ladder shaking the entire time I tried to clean my gutters. Luckily I made it out alive…but no more. I couldn’t wait until I received the package so I could try this out on just a small section of my gutters. We put it together a WHAM!!!!! All of the leaves, dirt and twigs (some small branches) were instantly sucked into the vac. Several months ago we had a terrible storm that knocked down many trees in the area and blew many branches off of the oak trees that surround our property. The GCB took care of them all. In less than 1 to 1 1/2 hour all of our gutters were clean AND yes I had to brave the ladder one more time just to make sure. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for this wonderful product. I will definitely tell everyone that needs gutters cleaned!”

“I just finished my gutters and the product worked great. I am paying someone once a year to clean and the cost was much more than your product. The comfort of not having to climb up a 20 foot ladder is great. I am a physical therapist and I have actually seen several patients over the years who have had injuries related to falling while cleaning their gutters. I highly recommend for both the efficiency and the safety of the product. Thanks!!!!”

GCB KIT cleans 2nd story gutters

Tonia C.

Montvale Virginia


Jeff H.

Belmont North Carolina

Bust that Clutter!

Simply the best gutter cleaning tools

The Gutter Clutter Buster®  can cut your time spent doing the job in half!

28 foot high gutters cleaned safely using the Gutter Clutter Buster

A SAFE way to clean gutters

Zero risk of falling using the Gutter Clutter Buster®


Save $$$ vs paying a pro $100-400 per visit

(2-3 times per year)

Share Gutter Clutter Buster® with friends and family!

THE SAFER, SMART way to clean gutters

The Gutter Clutter Buster® KIT gives you almost 14 feet of REACH to allow you to place the business end of  the GCB Tool into the gutter using only 3 pieces!

Each year we hear from consumers about their experiences using other gutter cleaning tools.

Many tell us that they felt like they wasted their money and time.

They tell us that a competitors product for second story gutter cleaning turned out to be unstable and would not maintain suction when using multiple extensions.

Competitors products have an abrupt junction point that will almost always clog because its too hard for the debris to get through that choke point quickly. 

Clogs CAN happen, especially with larger debris such as pine cones The Gutter Clutter Buster®’s opening was designed to minimize that occurrence and maximize debris flow to the vacuum.

Customers complain regularly that competitors gutter cleaning systems will not maintain suction without taping the connecting pieces.

With Gutter Clutter Buster® extensions, tape is not necessary.

GCB extensions fit TIGHTLY by design to ensure you have a solid, steady tool to raise up into gutters up to 28 feet tall.

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Call us with your questions! We are glad to help

Not every home is the same, and we have heard from many customers.  Let us help you through any gutter cleaning challenges, we are happy to talk to you!

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Try the Gutter Clutter Buster® for 30 days and if you don’t like it we will take it back no questions!

Return shipping is a customer expense and a 15% restock fee will be deducted from the refund.

Simply ship your return to :


929 26th Ave E Bradenton, FL 34208

We send a sheet with tips and instructions in every order but sometimes customers don’t remove the paper filter from their wet/dry vacuum BEFORE attempting to collect wet debris.

The paper filter greatly reduces the ability of the vacuum to pull that gutter debris down from 20 plus feet high, and a foam or wet filter should be used.


Note : the $25 flat rate shipping fee covers about half the cost to ship the oversize boxes. Some KITS cost us as much as $48 to ship

 (We are not trying to make extra money on shipping fees!)

We guarantee Gutter Clutter Buster tools are quality in design and construction and will last you many years.

RETURN POLICY: We have very few returns for refund as our product is well made and does what it is supposed to. Occasionally a defective piece is sent out and we will replace that at no cost to the customer. Either way, please call us and we will assist you.

NOTE: proper suction is key to successful gutter cleaning using the Gutter Clutter Buster.

When we have an unhappy customer it is almost ALWAYS from using a vacuum rated at less than 5h.p.