Gutter Cleaning KIT for two story homes

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The Gutter Clutter Buster® allow you to safely remove debris from your gutters without using a ladder.

Each Gutter Clutter Buster KIT includes the original 60 inch tall Gutter Clutter Buster Tool plus two 54 inch tall extension pieces.  Once assembled, the tight fitting connections ensure no loss of suction.  Simply raise the business end of the Gutter Clutter Buster up into your gutters and all that wet nasty debris gets sucked down the tubes for easy disposal.  No dangerous ladder use when you clean your gutters using Gutter Clutter Buster



















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Clean your gutters SAFELY from the ground using the Gutter Clutter Buster KIT for two story homes

Are you tired of climbing up onto your roof to clean your gutters?

Have you tried gutter cleaning tools that spray debris and water all over you, your siding and landscaping?

The Gutter Clutter Buster is an innovative gutter cleaning solution.

This gutter cleaning tool pairs with the power of your wet dry vacuum to bring all the nasty debris down from your gutters so you can easily dispose it.

Each Gutter Clutter Buster KIT includes the 60 inch tall Gutter Clutter Buster Tool and TWO 54 inch tall extension pieces for almost 14 feet of REACH using only 3 pieces

When you hold this gutter cleaning system at chest level, you get the perfect amount of REACH to clean gutters on most all two story homes.

The Gutter Clutter Buster is constructed in the USA using a blend of virgin PVC materials and ALUMINUM to create a strong but lightweight gutter cleaning tool

The large 2.5 inch mouth opening has hand crafted grooves cut into it to reduce the size of the debris as it enters the Gutter Clutter Buster. This shreds large leaves and debris.

Gutter Clutter Buster extensions fit TIGHTLY by design, and provide the user with a STABLE, SOLID platform that won’t lose suction.


Gutter Clutter Buster gutter cleaning tools are USED BY OUTDOOR MAINTENANCE PROFESSIONALS across NORTH AMERICA to reduce injury risk and time spent on each gutter cleaning job.

Outdoor maintenance professionals from Canada and the United States have discovered that cleaning gutters using a vacuum attached to the Gutter Clutter Buster is the most efficient way to complete the task quickly without using a ladder.

This unique gutter cleaning tool pairs with ANY brand wet dry vacuum that has a 2.5 inch hose.

You can even attach the accessories from your wet dry vacuum to the extensions or the tool, they all fit for jobs where you need extra reach!

The Gutter Clutter Buster is the right tool for easy and simple do it yourself gutter cleaning.

Each Gutter Clutter Buster® KIT comes with the original 60 inch tall Gutter Clutter Buster Tool and TWO 54 inch long extension pieces.

You get all that reach, almost 14 feet long fully assembled using only 3 pieces!

This gives you the right amount of REACH to work at chest level and remove debris from your 2nd story gutters

Raise and lower the tool (small movements), as you walk the perimeter of your home.

You will hear all the leaves, pine needles, roof gravel, dirt and debris coming down the tubes.

Changes in suction and debris noise make it easy to know when you can move further down the your gutters.

Gutter Clutter Buster extensions fit TIGHTLY to provide users with a stable platform for gutter cleaning using multiple extensions.

Gutter Clutter Buster extensions

  • Lightweight each extension weighs less than two pounds
  • Super durable and tight fitting connections
  • 54 inches tall
  • stronger than schedule 40 pvc and less expensive

Gutter Clutter Buster extensions fit so tightly we advise customers to lubricate the ends prior to assembly. 

This is not some cheap contraption you will need to use tape on to maintain suction.

The tight connections reduce the swaying effect while in use like you get with other gutter cleaning kits that have a dozen shorter extension pieces connected.

Your Gutter Clutter Buster® gutter cleaning kit will pay for itself in savings to you after its first use!

The Gutter Clutter Buster Kit and a powerful wet dry vacuum make gutter cleaning much easier to complete

BUY YOUR Gutter Clutter Buster KIT TODAY and eliminate the need to climb a dangerous ladder

Ladder use leads to over 300,000 injuries and emergency room bills from falling each and every year in the United States, don’t risk your safety to clean your gutters!

No wasted water, less time spent on the chore, and clean up is quicker than other gutter cleaning tools that spray debris all over.

Gutter Clutter Buster is the right choice for gutter cleaning without a ladder.

Simply the most efficient, SAFEST way to clean your second story gutters.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (941)792-5249 with any questions

Gutter Clutter Buster® LLC 2023

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions60 × 14 × 3 in

8 reviews for Gutter Cleaning KIT for two story homes

  1. Shark944 (store manager)

    Hi Folks,
    Just last week I purchased a GBC kit. Today was my first chance to use my kit. The GBC delivers; I was able to clean my 2400 square foot 2 story home in about an hour. This chore was easy to complete; happy to receive the instructions regarding the petroleum jelly needed at the connections. A Super Product! BOB T.

  2. Jennifer B. (store manager)

    For a 30 foot tall gutter you will need a Gutter Clutter Buster KIT plus 2 additional extensions. You will need to ensure your wet/dry vacuum is rated well above 5 horsepower ( a 6.5 h.p. vacuum will be just fine) In addition, you must remove the paper filter from your wet/dry vacuum to ensure all the wet debris gets brought through the tubes with the most suction. There are pictures on our US VS THE COMPETITORS page for you to see multiple story homes being serviced using the Gutter Clutter Buster! Call us if we can be of further assistance! (941) 792-5249

  3. Jennifer B. (store manager)

    We have a photo of 28 feet tall gutters being cleaned on the website here :
    This customer ordered a KIT plus 2 additional extensions. In order to have adequate suction at that height, i recommend a 6.5 horsepower or stronger wet/dry vacuum. We have links to these if you need, simply call us or email. We are happy to assist with any questions.

  4. Jennifer B. (store manager)

    A KIT plus 2 additional extensions. You will have @ 23 feet of REACH. Make sure your wet/dry vacuum is a model that has a 6.5 peak horsepower motor. Call us if we can be of assistance (941)792-5249

  5. Donald Smith (verified owner)

    Product works well.

  6. Jerome Astemborski (verified owner)

    It worked okay with a smaller attachment to get to the bottom of the gutters. Almost impossible to get sections apart even with pre-lubrication. Had to use boiling water on the joints and use tools to separate them.

    • Jennifer B. (store manager)

      I’m sorry to hear you had issue separating the pieces. WD-40 seems to work best and try not to jam the pieces together when you assemble your kit. We make the extension connections tight so you get that STABLE platform when using multiple extensions unlike other gutter cleaning tools. The best method of separation is to grasp near the connections with a hand on both pieces and twist in opposite directions. If they are stuck tight, sometimes another person assisting is required. Thank you for your comments and call us if we can be of assistance (941)792-5249

  7. Steven Hann (verified owner)

    This thing worked amazing. I cleaned a second story gutter that was 250’ in length in just over an hour.

    • Jennifer B. (store manager)

      Great to hear! You will continue to save time and money using your Gutter Clutter Buster, and that makes us happy.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

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